Byron Katie for Beginners

Are your thoughts making you upset, irritated or disappointed? A seven day course....for free.

How to do The Work of Byron Katie for Complete Beginners with Grace "Ding Dong" Bell

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You've heard of self-inquiry, spiritual practice, meditation, questioning your beliefs (especially troubling beliefs). You understand that the mind is powerful--your thoughts hold your point of view about the world, yourself, and other people. You've tried to think more positively. Or to change your thoughts altogether.  

But sometimes you still feel stressed out, hurt, confused, or disappointed.  

The Work for Complete Beginners is a video course for those who want to start at the beginning and work through one "problem" using The Work. It's designed to help even the most confused do this powerful self-inquiry, so you can work with your thinking step by step.....and bring yourself relief, rest and freedom from unnecessary suffering. You'll receive one lesson and video per day via email. Thank you for joining me.

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