Go from problem to peace with Grace.

"This course held me accountable and regular. It was private, yet, with guided videos. Setting the intention to have a week to dedicate to the practice, while having my hand held by the daily videos and broken down steps, helped me find the courage to sit with myself and be with my thoughts. So clear."


This is a mini-course for those who want to be guided step-by-step through the powerful thought-transforming tool called The Work of Byron Katie or Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR). You need to "do" it--not just read about it or speed through it in your head--to reap the immense benefits.

This course is designed to help you do just that. To "get" this self-inquiry process from start to finish on an important issue in your life. If you do it in simple order, you'll understand it, and you'll experience the peace available, no matter what's happened that troubles you.

You'll receive log-in information for your course to immediately access all the daily lessons. Complete one simple, short lesson each day. Or binge watch.

By the end of your seven days....you may be surprised to see what new possibilities have greeted you, no matter how hard your situation appears.

Your work. Four questions. Your answers.


I love the idea of the notion of "spell" - falling under the spell of disordered thinking. I like the welcoming of thoughts, the exploration of our thinking! I feel like this work is the way out of my mind's obsession with "my problem". I identify as someone with an "eating disorder" and I'm not going to do that anymore. For the most part, my relationship with food and body is ok. Needs tweaking but mostly fine. I've already learned that from the videos. They are so very, very helpful. You hit every little point and angle of this crazy ass obsession.

I see that so many of my beliefs were formed at an early age. I was surprised, relieved and humbled to come away from The Work with such dramatically changed perspectives, understanding, clarity, and internal strength and empowerment...and peace. Thank you for this course.

I discovered that going over and over each day's lesson helped it sink in. I felt myself relaxing a bit and feeling that maybe I can actually DO Inquiry and have it make a difference. I LOVED having a video for each day! It was enormously helpful in centering me in the day's work.

Even though I've taken several courses in The Work of Byron Katie, I really plugged into the connection between the Judge Your Neighbor and the One Belief at a Time worksheets. I also have been feeling like I don't do The Work enough, but this class helped me to see that when I sit down to do The Work, I usually take a BIG step and will work through most of sheet. I appreciated the permission to go at a slower pace.

This course helped me. Your videos helped me understand how to go about filling out the worksheets offered in this process. I peeled back some layers and connected a lot of the dots.

This was such a comfortable pace. I felt gently guided along with words I could visualise as well as hear. Learning to question every situation and uncomfortable thoughts😊🙏 with a curious compassionate mind is profoundly helpful.

I was able to see a different perspective. It was humbling to see I am capable of being and doing that which so offends me.

In this introductory course I discovered how deep you can go with The Work. I appreciated hearing from Grace what the purpose of certain steps were for; putting your answers in first person, for example. So helpful to hear and apply to my own thinking and situations.

So appreciated having Grace walk me through each step. Very clear instruction.