Hello, I'm Grace.

I facilitate people troubled by anxiety, frustration, and compulsions (especially eating) to discover peace and freedom, in any situation, no matter how difficult. My job as an inner peace activist and an eating peace activist, is to join you investigating your stressful thinking, and transform it. The Work of Byron Katie is my favorite tool.

  • Solo Sessions 
  • retreats 
  • Year of Inquiry: A community and training program for walking each other home 
  • Eating Peace Process: stop the insanity virtual program

When you're upset, self-inquiry can change everything

Whether you've gone through a troubling time, a difficult relationship, or have an upsetting habit or addiction......The Work is a way to address your situation from the inside out, and settle down the mind so you can see clearly, make productive choices, and find true freedom.


Retreats are a profound way to sit in self-inquiry as a meditation with the power of the group, and truly shift your stressful thinking. Join me in Seattle, Breitenbush HotSprings, or other wonderful locations. 


Year of Inquiry: Join once, twice, three times.

A transformative program to radically question fear, hurt, grief, and anger AND train in facilitating others. Like Ram Dass says, 'we're all walking each other home'. Question your thinking, change your world. 

Is Eating a Battlezone?

Watch the webinar on the five most important beliefs to question to dissolve your eating wars, forever. 

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"Grace, I cannot let too many of these posts get into my soul and not send a thank you -- although I want to shower you with blessings and thanks for every one I gobble up. Your sharing and insights are my soul food, my Being Candy, my It's-Okay-It's-Good-For-You drug of choice”. ~ SD in Minnesota

What Clients Say

"Wanted you to know that I am in a MUCH better place now with The Work. I am with the love of my life (known him for 28 years), have found plentiful, awesome work, am more energetic and healthy than I have been since I was a child...and just feel good in my bones. You helped me through a hard, dark period more than you know."

- Client, Year of Inquiry graduate

"I've realized that what’s been happening for me since the Eating Peace course ended; my inner mentor has come forward more and is now ready to be fully in charge. It’s been powerful for me to see that this is ME and not an external character. It’s so clear now. I feel an indescribable peace. This is new. I can put the stressful thoughts on the side without having to do more than a few minutes exercise and get to a peaceful place. It’s kind of a miracle!"

- Eating Peace Process Graduate 


Join Grace to investigate the source of unrest (including eating or other compulsive behaviors), quit the self-sabotage, and find home within

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